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Salon Hours
Mon & Thurs 10am - 7pm
Tues & Wed 10am - 5pm

Please Note: The booking calendar will be opened one month at a time. Eg: Dec 1 will open up for Jan 2023, Jan 1 for Feb 2023 & so on. Returning customers will have 1st preference from 7.30pm to 8pm, then 8pm for new or lapsed customers subject to there being any appointment times spare.  Also check the booking app regularly for available spots.

Note: Unfortunately we will not be taking on any new childrens appointments.

All clients will be required to register their details through our booking system Timely to make a booking.

Once registered and your appointment is booked, you'll receive a Booking requested message.

The request for new clients only, will be confirmed upon receiving your photos and deposit as per our booking instructions.

Please check your email and text messages for booking,  deposit,  photo & intake form details.

All new clients will also need to fill in the New Client Intake Form sent to you with our terms and conditions.
Submitting this form does not create nor confirm your appointment.


791 Stafford Road, Suite 8, Freedom Suites
Everton Park, Brisbane, QLD, 4053

Ph: 0416 125 529


Ph: 0416 125 529


locations + bookings

  • When will my appointment be accepted?
    We can’t wait to see you really appreciate your curls so please double check your junk email for booking deposit & photo requirement details. When we receive your $50 deposit & photos we can accept your appointment.
  • How long does my first appointment take?
    Your first appointment will be between 2.5 to 3 hours, depending on your hair length and thickness.
  • How do I prepare my hair preparation for my first appointment?
    *A member of our salon has a SEVERE ALLERGY to "SHEA MOISTURE" hair products. If you use this brand we request, in fact we beg (yes it’s that bad) that you wash your hair and stop using these products 2 WEEKS prior to your appointment and then don’t use them again. THIS IS A CONDITION OF ATTENDING THE SALON, we really appreciate your understanding. This does not apply to products that have Shea butter in them, only the specific brand SHEA MOISTURE. *One of the things that makes a curly cut special is we cut your hair dry, no pre-wash. Please come to the Salon with Day 1 hair (Dry hair, washed within the last 24 hours). Please use shampoo with a cleanser, not just co-wash as you commence your journey to healthier curls. Products in the hair are fine. Our site offers Curly Girl option Innersense Hydrating Cream Hairbaths to purchase if you’ve not commenced Curly Girl products yet, but absolutely no product pressure from us * Please ensure your hair is tangle free and “down/not up” when you arrive. TANGLES MUST be removed before your appointment please. * Please remember curls hate being brushed/combed so it’s best to de-tangle and then sleep in a “pineapple to help keep tangles at bay.” Find out what a pineapple is here - * Please arrive with your hair down, without hair ties, clips, pins, hats, barrettes etc. * No RAW COCONUT OIL/s in hair. * If you have an early morning booking, you may need to wash your hair the night before to ensure its fully dry for cutting. PLEASE NOTE: We ask that you undertake the above for all your appointments with Purely Curls, we thank you for your assistance and look forward to meeting you, and your curls!
  • Do I need to have a first Visit “Curl Awakening” if I've been to another curly hairdresser? I just want a cut.
    Cuts only are for returning clients of Purely Curls, all new clients must have the applicable first visit service.
  • I can't see any appointments, is there a waitlist?
    As you’ve probably found, we curly cutter specialists are rare and book out quickly. To assist our regular clients, we open our booking calendar on the first day of each month. We offer returning clients the option to book from 7.30pm then from 8pm bookings open to everyone, this ensures a fair balance for returning and new clients. Please register with our booking system so you can see available appointments. Clients who’ve already booked for 2023 are locked in. Booking in when you’re in the salon is the best way to ensure your preferred future appointment date. Waitlist: If there are no appointments available, please select to go onto our waitlist. Please enter your details and ENSURE that you give us some days & time options to look at. (When a cancellation happens. preference will be given to those you give the options) Children: (Unfortunately we won't be adding any new Children's services to our books).
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    If you need to cancel your appointment, please give us 48 hours’ notice. We don’t want you to forfeit your deposit and we will have to charge you the full rate of your appointment if you are a "No Show" or cancel less than 48 hours before your scheduled appointment. If this happens, we’ll need to discuss the situation before further appointments can be scheduled. As our appointments are longer than general hairdressers we appreciate your understanding on letting us know if you can’t make it.
  • Why do I need to send three current photos of my hair
    To ensure we don’t disappoint, we ask you to send three photos - front, back and side of your hair - this ensures we can spend the time needed to achieve your full curl potential! Please either email - or send with you “New Client Intake Form” please keep an eye out for this – it will arrive via text or email upon your booking.
  • Why do I need to pay a deposit for my first appointment?
    Because curly cutters are specialists’ hairdressers our appointments can sometimes take a little longer than you’re used to - especially on your first visit - as we learn about your hair and so do you! For your first visit our booking system will request a $50 deposit when making the booking. Please ensure you have your card details handy. We rarely utilise this, but it’s necessary because we’re so heavily booked. To avoid any issues, please cancel 48 hours prior to your appointment if you can’t make it to us.
  • What is the cost of my first appointment?
    From 13 to adult: "CURL AWAKENING" Dry cut followed by lesson on cleanse, hydrate, style & maintain your curly hair. From $250 to $300 depending on the length of your hair. "CURL DISCOVERY" Learn how to achieve definition, hydration and product application (NO CUT) with Master Hydrationist Peter. $150 (N.B. Please ring the salon to book this service) Children: (Unfortunately we won't be adding any new Children's services to our books).
  • Can you colour my hair?
    Unfortunately, not on your first visit, but absolutely thereafter we’re happy to help. We even paint directly onto curls which we’ve found works better for curly hair than some other options! If you need a colour on your first visit, please have it done prior to seeing us

words from our curlfriends

Had a wonderful experience. My curls were defined and hydrated with a beautiful bounce. Strategically cut to suit my face. Highly recommend it to all the sisters with Afro hair.

Ravutuba I

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