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I'm a curly hair geek. Curls are my passion and my goal is to help people, just like you, transform how you feel about your hair by giving you the power and tools to take control of your curls.

FACT, more people in the world have curly or wavy hair than straight and that frizz you see is just a curl in hiding!

My team & I will teach you how to change that image of negative thoughts about your hair to learning to love what

you have been blessed with.


From the very beginning, I knew there was something beautiful about curly hair. As a hairdresser, I knew there was something different about the way it needed to be cut and cared for but didn't know how.


Here begun my curl quest to become an expert in curly hair artistry. That journey began in 2010 and still to this day spending many hours flying back and forward to the USA for further education and continually researching online to learn as much as possible about curls and the type of products specifically related to curly hair.


In 2013 I became a Deva Inspired Advanced Stylist. This course was my light bulb moment. It was when it all came together for me. 

In 2014 I joined a group CHA,(Curly Hair Artistry), an astonishingly passionate collection of Curly Hair Artists in the world and have attended 2 CHA symposiums (Detroit, 2014 and Washington DC, 2015) to further advance my skills in all types of curly hair from wavy through to super curly.

In March 2018 I became Australia's first and only Deva Certified Stylist.

In June 2019 I completed the Cut It Kinky class, working with

tight curls & coils. Working with tight curls, kinks & coils gives me complete joy. 

In February 2020, I completed Rezo certification. 

I love all types of curls and look forward to helping you onto your own curl adventure, and knowing you can make it through even on those days it seems more like a trek through the jungle of curly hair life.

Amanda Rickman

CURLY HAIR MASTER Townsville & Brisbane 

I have been trained by Amanda Rickman of Curly Hair Education Australia and Ron Suriano of Moisture Salon, New York.


I have been a hydrationist for 7 years and successfully trained over 100 Australian hairstylists in that time


I completed further hydration education with Southern Curl in Atlanta and with Evan Joseph in New York..

I've also taught hydration techniques internationally in Cuba

My passion is to help curlies to achieve the best results they can through the art of hydration and correct product application.

Peter Rickman

HYDRATION GURU - Townsville & Brisbane

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