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POW Strong Hold GelaquaWater, the basis of life! it helps to mix & bind things together.aloe barbadensis (aloe vera) leaf juiceIt is amazing on our curls, coils, and waves. It promotes hair growth and adds strength and luster to your strands while retaining moisture. It also alleviates itchiness and dryness and soothes inflamed and sensitive scalps, reduces dandruff, and is a great conditioning agent.polyquaternium-10A top dog in humectants, humectants help retain moisture — which, for us natural hair girls is a godsend. Our hair is so naturally dry, we need all the moisture we can get! One of the ways in which humectants help moisturize our hair is by grabbing the moisture that’s naturally in the air.vp/va copolymerLeading the race of helping your hair hold its style!phenoxyethanolUsed as a preservative in 'Yes' products to limit bacterial growth.hydrolised soy proteinA water soluble protein derived from soy that will strengthen hair & mends hair fibers. Also increases hairs ability to hold moisture while adding shine & smoothness.camellia sinensis (white tea) leaf extractConsidered a more potent, & less processed antioxidant than green tea. Improving hair growth, & acts as a humectant to help moisturize & condition the hair & scalp. Bonus feature, it also protects against sun damage.eucalyptus globulus leaf oilnot just for the antifungal properties, but also here to stimulate hair follicles, improve health of hair and releaves itchy scalps!mentha arvenis (peppermint) leaf oilencourages hair growth and aids in blood circulation to grow strong hair!sodium benzoatean organic alcohol found in fruits and teas, helps to stabilise and preserve the life of YES.

POW Strong Hold Gel


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